Monthly Archives: February 2016

It’s a bumpy ride at the bottom!

Well what a interesting two weeks it’s been. Equities have dipped, oil has taken another dive and the Japanese economy is headed south with the USD/JPY moving ten big figures in the last fourteen days […]

Is the AUD a Good Stabiliser?

Welcome to the second month of 2016!

One thing is certain is that the Federal Reserve isn’t tightening in March. Instead the RBA left rates on hold and the ‘door’ open for another cut!

At presen […]

AUD’s Plunge to Seven-Year Low Is Turning Out to Be a Blessing

The AUD’s plunge to a seven-year low is turning out to be a blessing as China steers its slowing economy away from the heavy industries that helped fuel a mining boom in Australia.

In fact the ‘pre […]