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What goes up, must eventually come down… AUD

Well in what was a very volatile week to end April, we saw the AUD lose 3 cents on a very weak CPI at – 0.2 %. This number was not at all expected and leaves the Central bank to do only one thing and […]

Seeing is believing in the week ahead for Global Markets!

As the month of April is about to end, equities and commodities have both made very good returns for investors. The Singapore Dollar remains under 1.4000. The Monetary Authority of Singapore surprised […]

Is the US Dollar really on track?

The United States national unemployment rate showed little change at 5.0% during March, with approximately 215,000 new jobs added to the economy during the month.

The solid jobs figures add to the […]

Smooth Sailing for the Aussie Dollar and the Economy?

Well what an interesting two weeks! The AUD progressing towards .80c and a great unemployment rate at 5.8%. When is this all going to end?

The bewilderment of the Federal Reserve’s […]

The Ides of March

Well, in what’s supposed to be a month of bad tidings, the majority of markets have performed well. In Australia, a perfect set of GDP numbers has seen the AUD power ahead – growth with low inflation […]

It’s a bumpy ride at the bottom!

Well what a interesting two weeks it’s been. Equities have dipped, oil has taken another dive and the Japanese economy is headed south with the USD/JPY moving ten big figures in the last fourteen days […]