As the month of April is about to end, equities and commodities have both made very good returns for investors. The Singapore Dollar remains under 1.4000. The Monetary Authority of Singapore surprised global markets by easing monetary policy in response to weak local labour markets & very low inflation numbers. So what’s in store for the week ahead in Global Markets?

Seeing is believing for Global Markets

In the week ahead for Global Markets we will see the first quarter GDP (Gross Domestic Product) released in the US, and the expected number is 0.9% and Australian CPI is expected to be 0.4 %.

These two pieces of data will show where whether the US Economy is recovering and whether the Australian Economy has inflation (ie consumer spending).


For the moment the Australian Dollar is still slowly moving to the topside but cannot break .7850/ 7870… just yet!

The AUD is still well sort after by investors as the Chinese economy continues to recover as we move through the calendar year of 2016.I continue to expect the Australian dollar to slowly move higher as global commodity prices retract some of their recent price gains.

As previously mentioned we need to see stronger inflation numbers and consumer spending numbers before the US Central bank will begin to raise interest rates again.

Brandon Reid
The Currency Guru


What's happening in Global Markets

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